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Phone Sheriff

PhoneSheriff is a mobile monitoring app that that allows you to keep an eye over the daily mobile phone activities of your child. While remaining undercover, you can watch all call and message records from a secure account on a remote web panel through your internet browser. PhoneSheriff also allows you to block, filter and restrict access to the phone by disallowing contact to certain numbers or by setting times that the phone will be allowed to be used.


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Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy Monitoring Software

A stealth mobile app for monitoring children or employees with a dynamic facility of a Live Panel that shows the screenshot of the phone along with the current GPS location of the phone on a map. Many more features make Mobile Spy the ultimate mobile monitoring application.


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SmyleSafe is an incredible mobile safe browser for kids that works to give a secure and fun-filled browsing experience to kids and their parents can impose cloud based monitoring and filtering settings. This way kids can only access age-appropriate web content designated by your parents and not stray away with any bad influence. You as a parent can find everything that they do online.

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