iPhone Parental Control to Protect Kids from Being Victimized Online

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Let’s face it, kids these days are smarter than ever before being capable of finding a way around all restrictions set by parents on their iPhone. Parents try their best to protect their kids with an iPhone from stumbling across harmful content online. For example, with an iPhone in hand, kids have access to almost every sort of material online that can cost them a great deal if used improperly. Luckily, there are ways to set additional parental control on how kids use their iPhone. One of the best methods to do this is to use iPhone parental control software that enables parents to have some control over what their kids view or accesses on their iPhone.

Reason can be anything, but Apple has decided not to provide any iPhone parental control application. Therefore, the only solution to prevent kids from getting indulged in questionable activities using iPhone is to download some powerful third party iPhone parental control software. One of the best applications that can block activities that aren’t fit for kids and can control almost everything on an iPhone is PhoneSheriff parental control software. PhoneSheriff is a strong iPhone parental control application that can be downloaded directly onto your kids’ iPhone. The best part is that it remains completely hidden from them giving no reasons to doubt of something unusual.

Once installed, this iPhone parental control software starts keeping track of everything starting from all SMS text message, calls made and received, any photos clicked, and GPS locations and more. It allows you to block access to applications, browsers, specific URLs and even phone numbers from making all sort of communication with your kids. PhoneSheriff also responds to a number of SMS commands through which users not only can lock/unlock and switch on/off the device remotely, but also can set time periods for ‘full access’ or ‘limited access’ for kids.

For example, during their study hours at school or home, you can activate the ‘limited access’ mode so that they only can use the functions in the iPhone that you have allowed. And as soon as they get released from school or have completed their homework, you can give them ‘full access’ with all functions working fine. This way, you can regulate them according how you wish.

Setting these parental controls using PhoneSheriff on the iPhone allows parents to see what their kids are up to, and in essence allowing parents to protect them even from afar. In fact, iPhone parental control software helps keep kids safe, this not only limits the kids’ cell phone usage, but helps parents minimize those nasty cell phone bills.

PhoneSheriff parental control is an easy to use software/service which you can buy for an easy to handle amount. It installs in seconds and starts recording inappropriate use of iPhone internet by kids. You’d certainly like to save your kids from online predators lurking around online simply waiting for innocent kids to victimize. iPhone parental control software for your kids helps make sure that they are far away from being victimized by online predators, which of course is a plus for parents.

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