Monitoring Use and Abuse of Teen Smartphone

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Technology is omnipresent, it started revolutionizing the world through innovations in machines and making business units more efficient. Hence, even societies aren’t spared from its par with changing the world. The way human beings connect to each other, and messages and communications travel is changed by the innovations of technology. Web conferencing, social networking and IM/chat have connected all around the world.

Mobile technology too has come a long way in innovations to bring the users ease of access. It is self evident that things aren’t as simple with smartphones of present generation as they seem to be. Where adults feel themselves at ease by using these instant communication devices, it has a severely negative effective on the growth of children. Online predators, such as identity thieves, cyberbullies, stalkers, and pedophiles have made the internet world unsafe and dangerous for children.

As an adult, one knows one’s limits and how to behave sensibly on a public platform. But kids are not conscious of all consequences. Moreover they’re not even aware that there could exist something like online predators that are seeking to exploit them. It is a parental responsibility to educate children about the usage of mobile phones. Unless they’re not made aware of the collective approach of using a smartphone for the best of their benefits and taught how to save themselves from its dangers, children are at risk of falling at the hands of unfortunate elements.

Smartphone education should take place right at the start when buying a mobile phone for your teen. Among iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and their distinct features, one must look after the safety features of their children’s mobile phones. A few things parents must be aware of while buying a smartphone for one’s children is to look whether or not it matches with the child’s age. Will there be safety features in it or not? Apart from that you should be able to figure out in what manner your child can use the smartphone. Is it just to play games or to listen to music or it has to be internet enabled? One must understand that the internet may expose your teen to several online hazards. Your teen may fall into traps of identity theft, mobile porn, gambling and other evil habits.

Parents should have an open communication about DO’s and DON’Ts of smartphone usage. They could use smart ways for preventing their children to do mobile abuses, one  way is by monitoring their mobile phones. Mobile Spy is compelling smartphone monitoring software that will provide you all the information of your teen’s smartphone activities. It offers a live control panel from where one can partially control the phone, and parents can even block or launch apps. Parents can view a list of websites visited, chat conversations, GPS locations, call logs, SMS texts and many other features.

Another way is by restricting the children’s time of using their smartphone by which you can make sure your teen remains interested in outdoor activities as well and keep them away from online dangers.

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