Greater Early Exposure to Kids as 1/3 of Moms Own Connected Devices

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Digital moms are becoming an active group of users of the internet, mobile apps and mobile devices. According to a new report by Mojiva the mobile ad network stated that technologically savvy moms spend over 6.1 hours on average on a smartphones. Per the census data in the US there are around 85 million mothers and among them 51% are addicted to their devices that are between the 25-44 age groups.

The engagement numbers for connected moms from 2009 have shown a rapid increase of 40% which will roll out more mobile websites, apps, and phones in the market. In surveying around 1500 moms it was found that 97% of them had shopped on their iPad or tablet during the last month.

Not just that they are also greater social media users who are very well connected to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and use emails/chats for their daily communication. They also find information online on the mobile devices constantly even while they are in stores. Some 81% of these moms are fans of brands, 84% comment on social media and 86% post status updates.

The trend has just started to pick up and it will show great acceleration in years to come and we would be seeing kids getting that gadget exposure very early in life just beginning of few months of their lives. We already have seen kids as young as 2 and 3 who are able to use iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. It is time parents start learning about internet beyond social media and shopping online. They have to get to learn it more deeply and thoroughly so that the many dangers that surround the internet don’t flood their houses.

Mobile devices have a danger of theft and loss and thousands of them have already been stolen, sold out or are being dumped in the garbage in fear of getting caught by the thieves. It has our data that includes contacts, emails, photos, videos, official information like bank details and most of them also have our passwords since we don’t prefer to type our passwords on most websites. The stakes are high and so is the investment in the gadget hence we can’t just keeping talking about it without securing it with a strong anti-theft mobile monitoring software like Mobile Spy which will track it in case of such unfortunate incidents happen.

This monitoring software is an anti theft software that will allow you to control the device from an online account. You will be updated if there are SIM changes and it gives you GPS tracking to let you know of where the device is at a certain time so that it can be found. The service allows the authorized user to lock the device on remote command and even start an alarm to attract attention. The Mobile Spy software is compatible with operating system including iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. Since the software runs silently in the background you would give yourselves the expert monitoring technology from one of the best software monitoring companies.

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