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For months, users of the newly released iPhone 5 have been anxiously waiting for a new jailbreak procedure for their phone. Finally, the wait is over! With the release of the new jailbreak for iPhone 5 and other iOS 6 running devices, the wait is also over for parents and employers who have been patiently waiting for a way to monitor the iPhone 5 of their kids and employees. Thanks to award winning mobile monitoring software developer Retina-X Studios, that wait is also now over.

Retina-X Studios’ Mobile Spy was previously the first monitoring software compatible with iPhone, then Android smartphones, and even the first compatible monitoring software for iPad tablet devices. Adding to an impressive list of firsts, Mobile Spy smartphone monitoring software is now the FIRST monitoring software compatible with iPhone 5 and iOS 6 devices.

Mobile Spy was created keeping the smartphone monitoring needs of parents and employers in mind. Today’s iPhone and other smartphone devices are way more advanced than simple cell phones of the past. Now, smartphones are basically mini portable computers that are designed to do way more than just make phone calls and send text messages. Unfortunately, with the new advances also come new risks to safety and security.

Newly found risks to safety and security have caused parents and employers to search for innovative ways to keep track of what is taking place on the iOS 6 device they have presented to the kids and employees. The new Mobile Spy for iPhone 5 is the ultimate solution they’ve been looking for. After quick installation of the software onto the iPhone 5 to be monitored, Mobile Spy works in silence recording activities and uploading them to a secure online control panel for parents or employers to view at any time they wish.

Parents and employers will be happy to know that Mobile Spy for iPhone 5 comes with the following software features:

Call Detail Monitoring
Record SMS Texts Messages
● Social Media Monitoring
(Facebook and WhatsApp)
● Gmail and YouTube Monitoring
● Monitor/Block Apps
● LIVE Control Panel
(Optional Add-on)
● Remote SMS Commands
● GPS Tracking
● Record iPhone 5 and iOS 6 iMessages
● Remote Uninstall

The updated iOS 6 has now been available for iPhone 5 and other iOS 6 devices for several months now, sending many parents and employers in a frenzy to find monitoring software for iPhone 5. The availability of the new untethered jailbreak has not only opened opportunities for users to use their iPhone 5 in different ways, it has also made the job of keeping track of kids and employees on their iPhone 5 a lot easier. Mobile Spy once again answers the call and fills the void in the iPhone monitoring software world before any others.

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