More Subjective Viewing among Kids with New Firefox Beta Changes

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Every individual has few prejudices in their mind that modifies its subjective judgments. For example, I will always be biased towards my parents, kids and friends. After losing my parents they have become the most subjective topic for me. Then kids because I believe they are in general cute and lovable. Finally, friends are the most important life lines so I don’t mind being a little bent over towards liking them, more than others.

Likewise, many teens and young kids have different subjective tendencies that are ruled by their moody introspection and so, some kids are prone to watching inappropriate content on their Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry smartphones more than others. So there is good news for those ghastly web surfers of the internet as Firefox beta for computers and Android now comes with the ability of private browsing per tab basis. So what does that mean?

This means that kids and even employees can access explicit content privately i.e. photos and videos on their mobile phones via internet. By accessing just one single tab they can continue surfing other information as well. Because “private browsing” is ON in only a single browser tab, anything viewed will not show up in the history or cookies. That means parents and employers would never come to know of such dark subjective viewing by their kids and employees. To combat this situation, they must get a smart mobile monitoring software to assist them like PhoneSheriff.

Smartphones are here to stay for a long time, and now come with 3 to 13 mega pixel cameras, we even have front facing camera smartphones available too. With these, kids can use front facing cameras for sexting and other inappropriate sharing on the smartphone. With Snapdragon processors, micro SD cards, internal memory from min 1 GB to 16 plus internal hardware they can carry data on the move like never before. So many of them are easy to use with captive screens, high definition and powerful batteries. Video viewing, surfing, chatting, texting, gaming, sharing and social networking was never like a breeze before than now for our kids who are capable of doing everything on the move.

To manage their portable lifestyle, we need effective monitoring software like PhoneSheriff because it helps to maintain balance and direction within their smartphone-using lifestyle. With the potential mobile monitoring software, parents can become aware of all the call info, contacts, texts, emails, chats, websites viewed, apps installed, games played, photos clicked/downloaded/received and videos viewed by them. The real-time tracking features allow parents and employers to know in real time of their GPS whereabouts and track their locations on a map as well. The LIVE control features allows parents to remotely lock/unlock, play siren and even wipe personal data from the mobile phone. You can also filter websites, apps and contacts and keep common web pages that you consider risky as blocked. With the software in place like PhoneSheriff, get all logs and records on many smartphone activities and get your peace of mind.

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